While living and waiting for the development of artificial intelligence, we operate and interact being a part of a long journey of automation of most vitally essential processes. At the same time, we understand the importance and significance of adaptability in the world of today and in the future.

We offer a project of a tower, as a tool to work with the basic functions of the earth's surface. A tower operates as a complex algorithm of analysis and impact on the environment. Thus, we can consider the intervention as an adaptation of a link between man and nature.

Tower - as a tool to control the situation of the nature in the region, work with the land, cultivate crops and control production.

In this case, the proposal can provide a full supply cycle for the surrounding region with the raw material, which can grow on the ground, as well as the most optimal use of uninhabited land surface. Moreover, thanks to the continuous analysis, it can provide the healthiest state of soils, as well as the most profitable crops on the operated lands.

The proposal embraces flexibility in the configuration of structure, as well as over time, allowing the application of the project not only anywhere, but also at any time, adapting progressively with respect to changes of the landscape of surrounding environment.

The main context factors, which form the tower, are climate, landscape and demands of the population of the area.


The option that we develop in detail we provide as a tower in steppe, in a temperate climate, which researches, grows and produces crops.

This proposal may be implemented on both untouched land as well as areas with existing infrastructure, allowing farmers to use the tower to cultivate their fields.


The upper part of the tower provides parking for drones that are engaged in the collection of data regarding to the state of the surface of the earth and soil, as well as participation in irrigation and sprinkling of referred fields; control center and the data storage.

The middle part is a parking for all the equipment, which is involved in the cultivation of the land, harvesting and transporting of grain, as well as robotic maintenance station and elevators.

The lower part consists of a chain of mechanisms for processing and analysis of the grain, as well as silos for its storage.


  1. In the desert, or the places where the productive use of the soil is not possible, and, in cases where the main function of the tower can be a research center, the central and lower parts of the tower can be used as a vertical farm for food growing.
  2. In temperate climates, the tower represents a closed cycle of research, cultivation and processing of crops, and depending on the request can grow any crops - from wheat to biofuels.
  3. In the case of technological disaster, Geo Tower can reformat itself into a structure for work with the resumption of the fertile layer of soil.


  1. On the flat terrain, with unusable land and plenty of sunshine, geo Tower can be powered using the capture of reflected sunlight.

  2. In the case of areas with sufficient strength of the wind, the power source may be a wind turbine.

  3. In certain cases, the tower may be powered by geothermal energy.